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Using a Primera Label Printer and Printing a Bleed in Illustrator, Photoshop or NiceLabel

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays - Looking Forward to 2010

2009 is nearing its close, and here at we're getting ready for an even better year in 2010! We've decided to put together an evaluation of our positives, and make some resolutions for the year to come.
We've received a lot of feedback from our customers. Here are Ten Things You Love About

1. Hassle Free Commerce. does not hound you with follow up emails and promotions. We respect your privacy and believe that you'll call on us when YOU want our services or support.

2. Largest Selection. is constantly expanding inventory to meet your needs. To date, there are over 4,000 unique items on our site.

3. Customer Service. strives to maintain the same excellent service record for ALL our customers, big or small. Whether you're purchasing a few ink rollers or hundreds of thousands of labels, we're doing our best to earn your business.

4. Quick Turnaround. has the industry's best turnaround times on virtually any item found on our site. Our customers know they can count on us to have their solution in hand at the first opportunity. Whether it is a rush or standard order, we deliver.

5. Shipping Promotions. has free shipping on hundreds of items store-wide. We're happy to say your reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

6. Instruction and Support.
This year, Our YouTube Channel has received over 15,000 viewings of our instruction videos. Our product specification sheets have been downloaded over 50,000 times. Our Live Support chat went online in late November, and already is becoming a popular method to communicate directly with our visitors.

7. Security. now is happy to have 256 bit encryption certified by GeoTrust True BusinessID with Extended Validation. You'll most likely notice a green address bar on many browsers. This is a testament to our commitment to your privacy and security. We want you to feel good about shopping with us.

8. Mistake Free Shopping. has a drill down style online catalog which cuts down on errors for our shoppers. You're looking at only 1 item at a time eliminating confusion and mistakes. Our customers appreciate this setup because what you see IS what you get.

9. People.
Behind our website are dozens of people and many experts working hard to deliver on our mission to provide our customers with the products THEY need. We're not pushing a particular brand. We stand behind you, ready to provide the support YOU need.

10. Lowest Prices.
We still maintain a constant vigilance to provide the lowest prices on virtually every product on our site. We know that your bottom line is a top priority. At we're working every day to lower your costs on the items you need.

Here our our resolutions for 2010.

1. More Products.
We will continue expanding our inventory, we're committed to
adding products at a higher pace. You will see more products, more options and more lines of products.

2. Fewer Backorders.
Not only will we have more products, but we're adding to the amount of rolling inventory we have. We love our customers and want them to lean on us, so we'll be stocking more printers, pricers, and labels than ever!

3. More Support.
Our YouTube Channel will carry more instruction videos, and soon we'll carry a featured product video each month! We want you to learn more about our products as well as tips and tricks to make YOUR job easier.

We will have live chat active more often. If you need help, we will be there for you!

We're expanding our call-in center for service and support.

4. Even Lower Prices.
We will continue to evaluate our prices on thousands of items every day. We know the economy is tough for businesses big and small, and your satisfaction is our priority.

5. A Better Website.
We're working to update our website, clean out errors, and add improvements to make your experience even better.

6. New Product Lines.
We're adding to our site new product lines. Some of these include:
  • Packaging/Shipping Materials
  • Retail Store Displays/Fixtures
  • Configurable Custom Tags
  • Configurable Custom Labels
7. Live Feedback and Product Reviews.
We want you to know more about the products we have on our site. We're going to be integrating a product review and rating system. This is your chance to help yourself and others in choosing the best solution. We know the products we offer can often be complex or confusing. Which label gun is the right one for my needs. What are others doing with this product an
d many more questions will be answered.

8. Embedded Resources.
We want to make it even easier for you to have the information you need in one place. We're going to embed our product videos, brochures, downloads, templates and much more, and they will all be available on the product's page.

9. Streamlined Returns.
We now have a dedicated Returns department. We know that buying online is difficult and we want you to feel secure. We're doing even more to help you turn back the clock on a mistaken purchase, we can now refund your unopened purchases up to 60 days from your purchase date on most of our items. For more information, review our Return Policy.

10. Renewed Commitment to Our Mission. will continue to provide the best customer service, a quick and surprisingly easy access to top management, and a focus on doing everything possible to please our customers.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Introducing Our New Polyester Materials

We are excited to announce the addition of two new materials on our website designed specially for the Primera LX810 and LX400 printers.

The first material is our new Gloss Polyester material. This material has a polyester, fully synthetic, bright white, gloss face sheet with permanent, general purpose adhesive. It adheres well to almost all clean surfaces and is highly resistant to abrasion and highly water and weather resistant.

The second material we are now offering is our Clear Gloss Polyester material. This material has an optically transparent (see through), fully synthetic, glossy face sheet with permanent, general purpose adhesive. It adheres well to almost all clean surface. Highly resistant to abrasion and highly water and weather resistant.

We recommend when using these new materials, use reduced saturation settings in LX-Series printer driver software.

Please email, if you would like some pre-printed samples of these materials.
Visit our website for more information on these materials and a list of sizes available

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free is always better is proud to announce our latest site-wide update. We now have the ability to offer FREE SHIPPING on many popular items.

Many items across our site are marked for free shipping. Thanks to our new tier pricing system, we are now offering free shipping on thousands of items on our site.

Free shipping would be indicated to the right of each price in cases where it applies. Simply purchase the quantity of the item that qualifies, and proceed to checkout. You will not be charged shipping for those items.


If you have items that qualify with items that do not qualify, during checkout, the items that are marked free will not be added to the total weight of your package being calculated by our shipping system.

At we strive to make your shopping experience the best in our industry.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Primera Updates

We've begun a large overhaul of our Primera Section on our site today. You'll notice that along with some new materials and sizes, the structure has changed a bit. Now you simply browse by:

Printer Model > Shape > Size > Material

We will soon have a complete list of available sizes at this address:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zebra Desktop Ribbons

We've just added 5 new products for those of you using the Zebra Desktop Printers. Make sure to check out our new section. Located under Zebra Labels Tags & Ribbons.

Here are some links


Template Changes

We're making some small changes to the way our site looks. Some new features will include an alphabetical left menu, easier reading of page sections. Pricing and add-to-cart buttons before the fold.

We've heard your feedback and are constantly working to improve our site, the way it looks and the organization of products in categories.

Thank you to all our feedback contributors. Remember that we work hard to make our site as error free as possible. Keep up the good work everyone.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zebra / Eltron Compatible Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Labels

Although we've been selling labels to fit Zebra and Eltron printers for over a decade, we finally have them available on for online purchasing.  Not only are these labels available, but at prices that blow out our competition.  Check out these crazy prices.
OEM Part #TypeSizePriceLink
800512-105Direct Thermal1.25" X 1"$2.05800512-125
800522-075Direct Thermal2.25" X 0.75"$3.09800522-075
800522-125Direct Thermal2.25" X 1.25"$2.95800522-125
800530-105Direct Thermal3" X 1"$5.25800530-105
800530-205Direct Thermal3" X 2"$4.75800530-205
800540-105Direct Thermal4" X 1"$4.55800540-105
800540-205Direct Thermal4" X 2"$5.35800540-205
800540-305Direct Thermal4" X 3"$5.35800540-305
800540-405Direct Thermal4" X 4"$5.05800540-405
800540-500Direct Thermal4" X 5"$5.30800540-500
800540-505Direct Thermal4" X 5"$5.20800540-505
800540-600Direct Thermal4" X 6"$4.99800540-600
800540-605Direct Thermal4" X 6"$4.99800540-605
800127-101Thermal Transfer2.25" X 1.25"$3.80800127-101
800212-105Thermal Transfer1.25" X 1"$1.80800212-105
800222-075Thermal Transfer2.25" X 0.75"$3.00800222-075
800222-125Thermal Transfer2.25" X 1.25"$2.30800222-125
800230-105Thermal Transfer3" X 1"$3.90800230-105
800230-205Thermal Transfer3" X 2"$3.90800230-205
800240-105Thermal Transfer4" X 1"$4.75800240-105
800240-205Thermal Transfer4" X 2"$4.40800240-205
800240-305Thermal Transfer4" X 3"$4.20800240-305
800240-405Thermal Transfer4" X 4"$4.15800240-405
800240-505Thermal Transfer4" X 5"$4.85800240-505
800240-605Thermal Transfer4" X 6"$3.45800240-605

*These labels are not made or affiliated with Zebra®

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why do people refer to Fluorescent Red as Fluorescent Orange

We find that many customers who call or go online to look for Fluorescent Red labels end up referring to them as "Orange", or "Fluorescent Orange". Since fluorescent dyes were created this has been a common problem in identifying the color of a dyed material from paper to fabrics to plastics and so on.

The simplest way to define the Fluorescent Red color is by what it's not. It is not Orange like the fruit bearing the same name, and it is certainly not that bright orange color that is used for Halloween print and decoration.

Flourescent Red is the color often used to promote a sale or clearance. It is also used to capture attention. offers several Fluorescent label colors for many of our pricing labels and tags including:


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Price Gun Repairs

Many price guns are worth repairing. So before trashing, consider refurbishing, recycling and repairing your broken or damaged price gun.

The following brands are currently serviced and repaired by
  • Monarch
  • Avery Dennison
  • XL Pro
  • Towa
  • Garvey
  • Kenco
The procedure for repairs is simple.

  1. Verify your purchase date - there is a chance your price gun is still under warranty.
  2. Include your completed form Kenco Repair Form with a NON P.O. Box address with your broken price gun.
  3. Send it to
Attn: Repairs
C/O Kenco Label & Tag Co., LLC
6543 N Sidney Pl
Milwaukee, WI 53209

What happens when your repair comes in.
  1. We evaluate the condition of your pricer
  2. We estimate the cost of repair or replacement
  3. We call you to explain your options and collect payment information (if necessary)
  4. We repair or replace your price gun.
  5. We ship it back to you.
If you have any questions, or wish to know more about a particular brand or repair, feel free to call us at 1-800-537-3336.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1 page checkout now has updated to a 1 page checkout.  This is a great improvement for both new and returning customers.  Some of our previous quantity errors have been fixed as well.