Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zebra / Eltron Compatible Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Labels

Print Friendly and PDFAlthough we've been selling labels to fit Zebra and Eltron printers for over a decade, we finally have them available on KencoStore.com for online purchasing.  Not only are these labels available, but at prices that blow out our competition.  Check out these crazy prices.

OEM Part #TypeSizePriceLink
800512-105Direct Thermal1.25" X 1"$2.05800512-125
800522-075Direct Thermal2.25" X 0.75"$3.09800522-075
800522-125Direct Thermal2.25" X 1.25"$2.95800522-125
800530-105Direct Thermal3" X 1"$5.25800530-105
800530-205Direct Thermal3" X 2"$4.75800530-205
800540-105Direct Thermal4" X 1"$4.55800540-105
800540-205Direct Thermal4" X 2"$5.35800540-205
800540-305Direct Thermal4" X 3"$5.35800540-305
800540-405Direct Thermal4" X 4"$5.05800540-405
800540-500Direct Thermal4" X 5"$5.30800540-500
800540-505Direct Thermal4" X 5"$5.20800540-505
800540-600Direct Thermal4" X 6"$4.99800540-600
800540-605Direct Thermal4" X 6"$4.99800540-605
800127-101Thermal Transfer2.25" X 1.25"$3.80800127-101
800212-105Thermal Transfer1.25" X 1"$1.80800212-105
800222-075Thermal Transfer2.25" X 0.75"$3.00800222-075
800222-125Thermal Transfer2.25" X 1.25"$2.30800222-125
800230-105Thermal Transfer3" X 1"$3.90800230-105
800230-205Thermal Transfer3" X 2"$3.90800230-205
800240-105Thermal Transfer4" X 1"$4.75800240-105
800240-205Thermal Transfer4" X 2"$4.40800240-205
800240-305Thermal Transfer4" X 3"$4.20800240-305
800240-405Thermal Transfer4" X 4"$4.15800240-405
800240-505Thermal Transfer4" X 5"$4.85800240-505
800240-605Thermal Transfer4" X 6"$3.45800240-605

*These labels are not made or affiliated with Zebra®


I appreciate your post and it was superb .Thanks for sharing.I would like to hear more about this in future.

It's great to hear that you are selling thermal transfer labels that is zebra/Elton printer compatible..woow! the prices are really reasonable..thanks for sharing